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Want to know how to make extra money but still create sustainable income? Starting a legitimate side business takes time, but it could develop into a steady stream of income if you stick with it. The cool thing is that people will pay you a lot of money to paint their house.

In our area, you could easily make a thousand dollars a week or more if you really went for it. They hate mowing. They hate trimming bushes. They hate leaves. Anyone who has enough money to pay someone to do these things frequently does. Start your own landscaping company and begin cashing in today!

You guessed it!

What’s Next?

Turn your summer landscaping business into a snow removal service. Grab a shovel, knock on some doors, and pick up some jobs. Heck, go out and get a cheap snow blower if it helps. Better yet, put a plow on the front of your truck and push snow off of parking lots. Businesses pay thousands a year to keep their lots plowed, salted, and safe for their customers. People love to communicate through film and video. All it takes is a camera, an editing program, and an eye for detail and you could be making extra income in no time.

Speaking of cameras, starting your own photography business is one of the best ways to make extra money. Even amateur photographers can make good money taking family photos, graduation pictures, and business headshots. Just get yourself a nice digital camera like the one we use, take a photography course, and start shooting for cash! Oh yeah.

I forgot to mention that most people hate cleaning their house too.

99 Ways to Increase Your Income -

For years, Holly made a nice living cleaning houses. All she did was print flyers, knock on some doors, and ask for referrals from customers. She never had any shortage of work, and neither will you. Businesses need their workspace cleaned too. Create some business cards or flyers, and pick up a few corporate cleaning gigs to line your pockets.

In addition to the regular dusting and mopping, some offices need a little bit of extra help. You can make some serious cash by starting your own industrial floor and window cleaning business. Do you know how to cut hair? Start your own beauty salon! You can make extra money by charging your friends for haircuts.

Become a local tour guide. Show others around your city for a fee, and make a few dollars along the way. Be sure to research and comply with any local laws before opening up shop. Virtual assistants work online, and can be hired on a per-project or ongoing basis. Websites like Outsourcely can help connect you with potential employers. Just like businesses, people will pay you to help organize their life.

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As a personal assistant, you may work virtually or in person. Tasks could include answering emails, booking appointments, shopping for groceries, doing laundry, and more. If you have home repair skills, a handyman business may be a great way to make extra money.

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  • Want to make extra money on the side? Consider getting trained and probably licensed so you can start a a massage therapy business.

    2 Ways To Increase Your Income

    You can run it part-time out of your own home and make some serious pocket change. Many rental property owners live out-of-town or prefer not to deal with their renters. So what do they do?

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    • They hire a real estate manager. By screening tenants and dealing with problems, you can earn a percentage of the monthly rent. Got an extra room to spare? Take on a roommate to save money, or rent it out for some extra cash. Do you love entertaining and have a keen eye for details?

      Starting an event planning business may be a great way to generate some side income. As an event planner, you can help plan everything from weddings to company parties. Get your name out there and start networking right away.

      Make money online and from home

      If you love furniture, wall art, and paint colors, doing interior design work in your spare time is an excellent way to make extra money. Ever see vending machines in office buildings and retail stores? Somebody has to fill them. You could get paid to do it by picking up your own routes. Do you have sporting equipment or power tools sitting in your garage? Throw up an ad on Craigslist and see if you can make some quick cash renting it out. Well, that could be you…and you could make money doing it.

      Just buy the equipment, start advertising, and rent it out for all type of events. You can even add things like tables, snowcone machines, and cotton candy makers to drive up revenue. See how that works! Use the products, get results, and earn commissions on referrals. Simple as that. Seriously, you can start a side business for almost anything.

      Just find a need and fill it. I know somebody who makes a six-figure income by cleaning industrial screens and filters. Seriously, who the heck thinks of that?!?

      99 Ways to Increase Your Income

      So find a need, fill it, and make some money! Try provide some of these simple services instead. Fiverr and Outsourcely are great places to start looking for clients. Do you have specialized knowledge that people would pay you for? Instead of helping everybody for free, provide consulting services on the side. Help students learn by providing tutoring services. This works especially well for those with a degree in a particular subject like math or English. Do you have a huge social media following? Could you help others do the same? Businesses and bloggers will pay you to improve their social media presence.

      Build your following, reach out to others, and get paid to help them do the same. Fiverr is a great resource for selling specific services to a large audience.