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Our program is centered in nurturing a community engaged in revitalizing the human relationship to the earth and exploring intersections of eco-spirituality, eco-justice, indigenous traditions, and eco-feminism.

The world's religious and spiritual traditions offer deep insight into the human condition, along with profound teachings about how humans should relate to one another and to the environment. Students gain skills and insight to transform practices, worldviews, and consciousness in the service of a more just, sustainable, and flourishing planetary future.

Core faculty are founders in the field of religion and ecology, shaping global dialogue linking spirituality and cosmology with ecology and sustainability September Read More. About Us.

Ecology of the North American Turkey

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North American Wildlife and Ecology | Education : Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History

Landscape Ecology. Masters of Science. North America. Direct fitness of group living mammals varies with breeding strategy, climate, and fitness estimates Ebensperger, Luis; Rivera, Daniela; Hayes, Loren. Gregarious flowering and death of understorey bamboo Chusquea culeou slows litter decomposition and nitrogen turnover in a southern temperate forest in Patagonia, Argentina Austin, Amy; Marchesini, Victoria. Winners and losers: a meta-analysis of functional determinants of fighting ability in arthropod contests Vieira, Marcos; Peixoto, Paulo Enrique.

Geographic variations of odor and pollinators, and test for local adaptation by reciprocal transplant of two European Arum species Araceae.

North American Elk: Ecology and Management

The effectiveness of Bayesian state-space models for estimating behavioural states from movement paths Hawthorne L. Beyer, Juan M. Adebayo, Cathryn L. Abbott, Sarah J. Adamowicz, Daniel D.