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Measurement Science and Technology , Volume 9 , Number 9. Get permission to re-use this article.

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Reference Electrode - Electrochemistry - Chemistry Class 12

Sign up for new issue notifications. The fabrication of prototype thick film silver-silver chloride electrochemical reference electrodes is described.

Combinations of commercially available and proprietary thick film pastes have been used in their construction in a multi-layer planar configuration modelled upon the structure of the classic single junction silver-silver chloride reference electrode cell. Several variations in the basic electrode design were fabricated, involving combinations of one of three different paste formulations for the silver-silver chloride layer coupled with one of two combinations of paste formulation for the salt containment matrix.

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Liquid Junction Potentials. Salt Bridges and Diaphragms. Reference Electrodes for Aqueous Solutions. Reference Electrodes for Use in Nonaqueous Solutions. Reference Electrodes in Oxidic Glass Melts. Reference Electrodes for Solid-Electrolyte Devices.

Critical Impact of Chloride Containing Reference Electrodes on Electrochemical Measurements

Vladislav V. Kharton, Ekaterina V.

Direct Solid Contact in Reference Electrodes. Micro-reference Electrodes. Conducting Polymer-Based Reference Electrodes.

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