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When pitching a story, it can often be tough to pack all of the background information into a single email or touch on everything over the phone.

How to promote your business by writing a killer case study | Marketing Donut

Reporters also have less time than ever to conduct thorough research into a topic and will appreciate content that makes their job easier. So consider creating a "social news backgrounder" to accompany your pitch, using a site such as Delicious. Serena Matter , social media account manager at Peak Communicators , says that she uses Delicious to create social news backgrounders that consist of links to current articles and information on the topic she plans to pitch to media.

If your PR program involves keeping Facebook and Twitter feeds updated with relevant industry news, you know how time-consuming it can be scour the social feeds and run news searches looking for daily content. Matter recommends using a blog aggregation tool such as Netvibes to create a dashboard of relevant content sources. The Social PR Series is supported by Vocus , the software that helps businesses get heard and talked about on social media and beyond.

Take a quick online demo and and see what it can do.

How to promote your business by writing a killer case study

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Entertainment Like Follow. Here are five social media tips for PR professionals.

1. Anticipate and Join Twitter Conversations

Write Tweetable Press Release Headlines When you use a news distribution service such as PR Newswire or PRWeb to issue a press release, you typically see a large number of tweets that feature your press release headline once your news hits the wire. Four key things to ask yourself when writing a tweetable press headline are: Is it short enough to fit into a tweet that also includes a Twitter handle and a link? Is the company or product name in the beginning so it won't get cut off?

Does it contain relevant keywords to make it searchable? Is it punchy enough to generate retweets based on the headline alone? Do not put a line about getting in touch for an interview or hoping to see a review directly into your press release text. The contact information block and the email itself will do all that work for you. The biggest problem when writing your press release is figuring out how to make it engaging and interesting when your best option to be as to-the-point as possible.

Quotes, images, and links are the best options for keeping your body paragraphs active. You should have at least one quote from someone related to your podcast, so that people reading can get some insight into what went into it. You can quote yourself, talking about the design or goals you had for the podcast, or your sound designer, your actors, and so on. The people like quotes. You can also include quotes from listeners, either from previous seasons or beta listeners.

How to write an effective press release

This is especially great in press releases for new seasons or special episodes. Remember that this is not just for journalists, but also for potential listeners who may read this press release when published. Images drive engagement!

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Make sure to include a nice banner photo or picture of some kind, either art associated with your podcast or a photo of the creators. Links within your text are important so that people who are interested can just click on through for more information. One primary link is plenty, with a couple more if you are doing things like selling tickets or accepting submissions. Essentially, make sure you have links to key, important actions that you want your audience to take, like listening to a trailer for instance.

What do I write? Do I snazz it up? Keep it short?

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Do I copy-paste everything and send it in the body text? This makes it easier for outlets who like to copy-paste press releases directly to their website a fairly common practice, remember to do so. Be smart with how you title. Do I personalize the email?

Can I have your email address?

It depends. The best practice is to write up a form email that you can modify slightly and personalize for each outlet or journalist you send it to in order to clue them into why they might be interested and get their attention. Remember that the email text is point of first contact! The most important lesson of all, however, is this:. Here is a list of all the podcasts and productions whose press releases were sampled from.

Also, there are some links to more press releases posted online so you can check out variety in style, formatting, layout, and topic.

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I Need a Killer Press Release–Now What???: A Guide to Online PR PDF

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Menu Twitter Instagram Email Spotify. What exactly is a press release? What should I expect from a press release? Actually writing the darn thing All these things in mind, you do still have to actually write a press release. What works for one podcast will not work verbatim for another.