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Can I say that? That's the reason that I subconsciously kicked off the book that way. I think I was trying to prepare myself for the journey of this book and talked to myself about the balance point. I've talked to other authors who've written memoir and I can recall asking one if he'd write a second book. He said that the first one was easy because all the people in it were dead.

The second would have to be about people who are still alive. Or, "I've had so many great experiences I would want to write about them. I don't know. I certainly could feel the palpable difference between writing about people in my life who have passed on and not having to worry about my perspective on them is different than their perspective on themselves. Not wanting to offend or hurt. I'm astutely aware, as a public person for many decades, what that's like.

To be described and defined by others. Louder than you can even do for yourself. Here I have this platform and this microphone, the microphone of the book, and I'm exposing other people through my eyes. It's an arrogant and dicey thing to do. I just thank Goddess for all of the support and the love that I've actually felt from some of my near and dear already about this project.

The people who appear in the book. A lot of people have given me a lot of artistic license in this world to be me.

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I would think that in songwriting it's easier to disguise some things because very often we're hearing music through our own prism and thinking about, "How does this relate to me? That's the best way to interact with art, I think. I didn't want to ruin that by telling the backstories of some of these songs because they don't belong to me once they're in somebody else's ears. One big difference between writing this book and songs my whole life is that I let people in to the process.

About 20 or so people volunteered to be early readers for me and [give feedback].

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It was so fascinating for me because every person's response was so different. Different people picked up on different stuff and didn't get different stuff.

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It reminded me that you can put something out in the world and it becomes each persons' who takes it in. You have been an independent recording artist since the start.

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In a way, it was prescient because, not many years after you started making records, the industry as it was disappeared. When you look back do you say, "I was really smart in doing that" or "I was really lucky"? I feel lucky in a lot of different ways. Just for having the perspectives that I had. A lot of it was a gift from my parents, to question the way that things are and the paths that are laid out before us. I found my own path and, yeah, in retrospect, after many years and even decades of condescension, lack of inclusion — exclusion, I guess it's called [laughs] — I feel lucky.

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