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She got along great with the other bodyguards who were all friends with Brand. Or…did they feel the same way, too? Did they humor her in person while resenting her the rest of the time?

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He seemed to know her too well. Now Brand frowned, and she loved how intimidating he looked. She tsked at the crude language, her idea of a reprimand. Of course not. But you? So did her breathing. And her heartbeat. Just that simple touch, his warm fingers brushing over her bare skin, on her arm , and her priorities got all mixed up.

Sahara cleared her throat and made herself stare up into his eyes. One job was glorified babysitting for a three-year-old while authorities tried to find a failed kidnapper. Sahara agreed. In his second attempt, he crawled in her bedroom window. He…had a knife. So I killed him. She denied it of course, and to his credit, Drayden believed her. That turned out to be a good thing because they found out the psycho had made the same claim about three other children.

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His hold was soothing, but the last thing she wanted from him, from anyone , was pity. Soon as the guy hit the ground I scooped her up and got her out of the room, telling her it was just a loud noise. But the time flew by since I mostly played with Mari. Joe, a stuffed bear and a Barbie. Oh, the scrapes Barbie and Joe got into.

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The bear and I would just watch in amazement. Brand grinned. After briefly locking on her eyes, his gaze moved over her face and settled on her mouth. If it came to protecting someone you cared about. Well, that was something anyway.

I was only a year older than him and he had some serious misconceptions about the role of a bodyguard. They wanted to drive home their point by making his son miserable anytime he ventured into public. Scott chose me for the job because I was close enough in age to blend in. Guess it dented his macho pride or something. And second, I hope you dented the hell out of his pride.

That was one of the nice things about Brand; he had a similar mindset to her and they often agreed on things. We were at a club with his friends.

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He kept trying to force me to dance with him. I knew where that would lead with the octopus, so I refused.

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She shrugged. I had visions of the whole assignment going to hell, but it took an uptick when we stepped outside and the same group I was supposed to protect him from was there to mob him. That got him moving quickly to get in the car. On the way, I had to…ahem, assault a man who tried to drag my client back out of the car. It went off without incident. Reviews of Fast Burn " Fast Burn is a fast paced, energetic and suspense filled story of revenge, power, secrets and lies.

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The premise is spirited, powerful and driving; the characters are rugged, determined and colorful; the romance is seductive and passionate. Fast Burn is an electrifying and dramatic story about two people pulled together by circumstance, attraction and love.

I quite enjoyed the conclusion to this series, and look forward to seeing what Ms Foster comes up with next So if you want romance, suspense and action to keep you entertained, I highly recommend this! Facebook Twitter. Fast Burn is available in the following editions:. Digital Novel.

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